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Filters & Strainers

Perforated Mesh Filters & Strainers

Alchem Process Ltd offer a range of industry standard cartridge type perforated strainers in 316L stainless steel that can be fitted “In-Line” or as a standard 90º “Angle Strainer”.  The internal cartridge element is easily removed and fully dismantlable.  The cartridge is supplied with 1mm perforations as standard and this can be lined internally with a woven mesh gauze for more accurate particle removal. The strainer’s design has been popular with the brewing and dairy industries since the 1960’s and the strainers are used to remove foreign bodies such as fruit skins and particles from products such as milk, beer and juices. This helps to protect equipment like pumps, spray nozzles, valves, heat exchanges, homogenisers and flow meters.

The strainers are offered with a variety of end connections to suit the hygienic and sanitary industries.  The standard strainer housing is opened and closed using a DIN11851 nut and the cartridge assembly is secured using Allen Bolts.  The strainers with clamp ferrule connections also use a clamp to close the housings.

The standard seals and O Rings are supplied in EPDM and optional materials are available in FKM and Nitrile rubber.


Working pressure:

Maximum operating pressure 5 bars 

End connections:

 Plain butt weld ends in both inch and DIN metric tube sizes

Clamp Ferrules

DIN 11851 Males

RJT Males

SMS Males

IDF Males 

Pore sizes and meshes:

The standard cartridge element is supplied with 1mm perforations and specials are also available with 0.5mm, 2.0mm and 3.0mm hole sizes.

Woven mesh liners are offered on request from 80 to 500 mesh 


The body is supplied with a bright base mirror finish externally while the internals are offered in a standard 120 grit polish.  Specific RA finishes are possible on request. 


Replacement perforated cartridge
Screens and meshes
O Rings
Tie bars

Filters & Strainers

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Perforated Mesh Filters & Strainers
Perforated Mesh Filters & Strainers
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Alchem Process Ltd supply engineering solutions to the hygienic and sanitary process industries; including pharmaceutical, biotech, cosmetic, food, dairy, and beverage.

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