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Filters & Strainers

Screenflow 300 Series

Designed as our mid-range strainer and suitable for flow rates of up to 25M3/hour the Screenflow 300 series is designed as an affordable alternative to the competition. The strainer retains all of the features commonly associated with wedge wire screens.

The unit is utilised in a wide range of hygienic industries for particle removal whilst it has also proves particularly successful in smoothing high value products such as Shampoo and Creams, Yoghurt and Soft Cheeses.

The strainer is available in the two standard installation designs namely the 90° “ L Pattern” and In-line “Y Pattern”. A fabrication service is offered for specials including extended housings, heated water jackets, stands and frames, duplex and triplex arrangements.

Bleed valves can also be fitted to vent excessive heat, pressures and product build up.

A full range of FDA food grade seals are offered and connections in Clamp’s, RJT, IDF/ISS, DIN 11851, DIN 11864 and SMS fittings available as standard, with flanged and BSP connections supplied to order.Main features and options:

  • Fully Interchangeable wedge wire elements
  • High flow-rate capacity up to 25 M3/H
  • Standard Inlet sizes from 1”, 1.1/2” and 2”
  • Standard slot tubes sizes from 25 to 1000 micron
  • All 316L stainless steel construction
    Jacketed housings and duplex arrangements
  • Metal to metal housing to element seating
  • No tools required for dismantling and servicing
  • Full range of FDA food grade seals
  • Range of surface finishes offered
    Backflushing possible at up to 75% working pressure
  • 7 Bar working pressure
  • Fully welded and robust wedge wire element


  • Special elements produced for critical product filtration
  • Full range of filter element sizes from 25 to 3000 Micron
  • Duplex and triplex arrangements made to suit your application
  • Stands and frames fabricated to suit your needs
  • Special extended filter bodies available to suit your application

Filters & Strainers

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