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Alchem Process Ltd Hygienic Engineering Solutions


Clamp Fittings

Clamp Range

ASME BPE Fittings

BPE Fittings

DIN 11864

Hygienic Fittings & Unions

Aerre Inox Srl

Aerre Inox Srl


Manways & Inspection Hatches

Control Valves

Valves – Butterly Valves, Ball Valves, Sample Valves, PRV & NRV..

Sight Glasses and Cleaning Equipment

Tank equipment - sight glasses, vent cowls and level gauges

Filters & Strainers

Filters & Strainers

Screwed Union RJT, IDF, IDF, Butt Weld Fittings and Accessories

DIN 11851 & 11887 Unions

Custom Fabrications & Welding

Custom Fabrication & Welding

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Alchem Process Ltd supply engineering solutions to the hygienic and sanitary process industries; including pharmaceutical, biotech, cosmetic, food, dairy, and beverage.

Alchem Process Ltd supply engineering solutions