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Filters & Strainers


The Wedge Wire range of Screenflow strainers, compliment our extensive range of process components including Tank Manways, Valves, Clamp fittings and Hygienic Unions. Utilising fully interchangeable wedge wire elements, the Screenflow series offers slot tube sizes from 25 to 1000 Micron as standard. Intermediate and larger sizes are available on request.

The wedge wire principle is utilised in a wide variety of industrial applications and has proved highly successful in the brewing and beverage industry for fruit pith and particle removal. Wedge wire screens have also been used with some considerable success in smoothing high value products such as Shampoo and Creams in the cosmetic industry and Yoghurt and Soft Cheeses in the dairy industry.

Alchem Process offer a range of Screenflow strainers in 3”, 4”, 150mm and 200mm housings. These housings offer a variety of flow capacities and attachment options to suit a range of process requirements.

High flow-rates and pressures are achievable with the wedge-wire screens and the robust construction of the cylindrical wedge-wire elements allows for high working pressures.

Back flushing is possible at up to 75% of the maximum working pressure.


Universal Features

  • Wide range of flow capacities
  • No hand tools  required to dismantle
  • 25 Micron to 1000 micron standard slot tube elements
  • Fully interchangeable elements
  • Backflushing possible at up to 75% working pressure
  • All 316L stainless steel construction
  • Duplex arrangements for high flow conditions
  • Jacketed housings offered for product heating
  • Full range of FDA, USP and EC1935 seals
  • Long life expectancy
  • Range of surface finishes offered

Filters & Strainers

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