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Hygienic Valves with Sanitary Connections

Diaphragm Valves

Diaphragm valves come in an array off different body configurations and diaphragm materials.  This unique process valve is designed to limit the effect of clogging and has abrasion-resistant and self draining properties. The diaphragm, when pulled away from the seat, allows the fluid a smooth clear path over the weir.  This has the double effect of producing a streamlined flow with self cleaning properties. 


Viscous products such as slurries that would normally clog another valve design are kept moving and pass through the valve, while flow continues.


The valve operating mechanism is top mounted which allows for easy access for maintenance and repair.   The valve is also suitable for flow control and can be operated both manually, pneumatically or electrically.


The valve is widely used in all process industries, including fine chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, bio-tech, food, dairy and beverage.


The simple valve design allows many design variations and has lead to a whole range of sampling options and branch valve arrays to develop from the original straight through 2/2 Way principal.


Diaphragm materials are also tightly regulated to meet the exacting demands of the FDA, CFR and USP classifications.


The valve is now available in an array of materials from the standard 316L stainless steel, through to more complex variations of this material such as 1.4571 316Ti and the low sulphur 1.4435 (BN 2) stainless steel preferred by many for its superior orbital welding properties.


Increasingly, there are more requirements for exotic alloys to be offered, such as Hastelloy, 254SMO and AL6-XN.


With many pharmaceutical companies moving away from more traditional materials such as 316L SS, to polymers.  There has been an explosion of development in this area, resulting in new materials such as ABS, PVC, uPVC, PVCu, PVCc, PPh, MDPE & Polyethylene.