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Tank Equipment - Sight Glasses, Vent Cowls & Level Gauges

Tubular Sight Glasses

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A range of tubular in line sight glasses is offered to assist with the viewing of product media in pipelines.  Three basic types are supplied with either a stainless steel shrouded cover, stainless steel caged cover and also the more traditional sightglass with a clear polycarbonate cover to protect the operator.


Standard sight glass with polycarbonate cover
Size range:  1” to 4” and DN 25 to DN 100


Maximum operating pressure:  10 Bar


Maximum operating temperature – dependent upon seal material


Seal Material:  Food grade EPDM, Silicone or Viton


Clamp Sightglass with Metal Shroud Cover
This in line Clamp sightglass is manufactured with a stainless steel outer shroud, giving the operator four viewing windows to the product media.  The design incorporates the EHEDG recommendations for O ring detail and ensures that there is a smooth transition between the borosilicate glass and the 316L stainless steel end fittings assembly. 


The O ring seals are both FDA food grade approved and USP Class IV certified. 


The internal surface finish complies with ASME-BPE-SFF6, however higher finishes and exotic materials can also be supplied.


Size range:  3/8” to 6”


Maximum operating pressure:  3 Bar to 22 Bar dependent upon size and temperature


Seal Material:  EPDM and Viton / FEP


End fitting options:  Clamp


Sight glass with outer metal cage
The sight glass with metal caged cover is common place throughout the UK and Europe and has been manufactured since the 1960’s.  This simple yet effective design utilised a borosilicate inner glass tube, food grade seals, 316L SS tubular weld ends with a 304 stainless steel mesh cage for operator protection.


Size range:  1” to 4” Imperial and DN 10 to DN 150 in Metric


Maximum working pressure is determined by tube size and temperature


End Fitting options:  BS 4825, DIN 11850, DIN 11851, SMS, RJT and IDF / ISS