Alchem Process Ltd
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Gorslas, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire,
SA14 7NN.
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Tank Equipment - Sight Glasses, Vent Cowls & Level Gauges


Alchem offer a range of tank and vessel equipment to complement our tank manways and Clamp tank ferrules. 


We offer a comprehensive range of CIP spray devices including both static and rotating spray balls which are suitable for most tanks and vessel cleaning applications.  Spray nozzles and keg cleaning devices are offered for smaller vessels, while gear driven rotating heads are offered for large vessels requiring high flow rates for effective cleaning.


Tank Level Gauges, View Glasses and Sight Ports are offered for welding into the vessel wall, or these can be mounted in the manway lid when space is limited on the vessel lid.


We also offer a range of Tubular Sight Glasses, which allow the customer to inspect the condition of the media flowing through the pipework.  Standard tubular sight glasses are available with a choice protective covers including metal shrouds, metal cages or Perspex covers.