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Rotating Sprayballs

Rotating Sprayheads are available in two basic categories either free rotating or with a driven head. 


The free rotating style is best suited to small vessels and tanks.  These units are manufactured in 316L stainless steel as standard with exotic alloys and polymers such as PTFE and Hastelloy available where there is a strong risk of corrosion from chemical action. 


The driven Sprayheads are generally specified for larger vessels or in precision cleaning applications such as reactor vessels.  Here high value products in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries require thorough cleaning regiemes and are frequently tested using riboflavin. 


The Rotating Sprayheads can be driven by either high pressure pumps delivering the cleaning fluid or the head can be controlled by electrical and pneumatic motors to ensure that the jet consistency is maintained throughout the cleaning cycle.


Riboflavin tests are often carried out to ensure that the positioning of the sprayhead eliminates all shadow areas.


Connection sizes:  ½” to 3” - Spring Clips, BSP and NPT


Standard spray patterns:  180°, 360° and 270°


Related Standards

  • DIN 11850
  • BS 4825 ASTM A269 / A270
  • BS21 BSP
  • NPT