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Hatches and Doors

Manways and Inspection Hatches

Hatches and Doors

Alchem offer an additional range of hatches for applications outside those detailed already.  Inspection Hatches and Charge Ports are offered from Ø100 diameter through to 400mm diameter.  While larger doors of up to Ø600mm are available for sizes to accommodate a person using breathing apparatus, as detailed in BS 470.


Carbon steel neck rings and manways are now offered along with aluminium neck rings for Silos and storage applications.


  • Sizes from Ø100mm through to 600mm
  • 1.0 Bar rated –PED 97/23/CE hatch available in Ø400mm
  • Atmosheric pressure and low pressure hatches
  • Carbon steel manways and neck rings available
  • Flush fitting neck rings available to eliminate internal bug traps
  • Aluminium neck rings available for many of our standard Manways
  • Special neck rings available for glass fibre and concrete tanks