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Pipe & Tube

Hygienic Tube is offered from longitudinally welded, bead rolled 316L stainless steel tube that is dull polished externally and descaled internally.  This specification of tube is available in sizes from 1” through to 4” inclusively and used extensively in the Fodds Dairy and Beverage industries.  The tube generally conforms to the detail included in the standard BS 4825 Part 1 and is manufactured to ASTM A269. 


Sizes available from 1” to 4” with seamless product offered from ⅜” to ¾”


Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Tube is now offered for critical applications such as WFI water and these are polished and even electro-polished internally to achieve surface finishes as low as 0.25 µM Ra.  Manufacturing is carried out in accordance with ASTM A269/270 and now also to the criteria detailed in the standard ASME BPE-2002.  Seamless product is available below 1”, while longitudinally welded and drawn or polished tube is offered to achieve the desired internal finish.


Sizes available from 10mm to 8” with specials available to order


Metric Tube is offered dimensionally in accordance with DIN 11850, ISO 2851 and we also offer Pipe in accordance with international standards such as ISO 1127 and ASTM A213 in Scheduled wall thicknesses and sizes.


Sizes available from: 10mm to 150mm with specials available to order.


Note:  When specifying tubes and pipes for a particular application, it is advisable to consider a number of factors, such as the flow rate required, the maximum flow velocity for the liquid and the pressure losses due to pipe friction and restrictive plant such as heat exchangers and valves.  Other important issues for consideration include the corrosive nature of your media and also it is advisable to consult tables for  “Theoretical Burst Pressures” and Temperature De-rating Factors” before deciding in the final specification.  If your require assistance with your selection.