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RJT, IDF, SMS Screwed Fittings, Weld Fittings & Accessories


The British Standard range of  fittings and hygienic unions include Clamp®, RJT, IDF/ISS and plain ended welding fittings such as bends, tees and reducers.  Each of these fittings’ are detailed in BS4825, while SMS and DIN 11851 fittings are also common throughout the UK and Europe, but are covered by other European standards.  There are several enhancements to these fittings currently being trailed and it is possible that some of the designs will be up-graded shortly.


Polished tube is offered to BS 4825 Part 1 (ASTM A269/270) and also metric tube to DIN 11850 can be supplied to order.


Related Standards:

  • RJT BS 4825  Part 5 Unions
  • IDF BS 4825  Part 4 Unions
  • Plain Ended Bends and Tees
  • SMS Swedish Standard Unions
  • DIN 11851, 11850 , 11852 and 11857
  • DIN 11864 Aseptic Unions
  • ACME 3A – Bevel Seat Fittings (Cherry Burrell)
  • DS Danish Standard Fittings
  • ILC and SRJT
  • Macon Fittings
  • Pipe Clips, Spanners, Saddle Clips and Hosetails


Miscallaneous Fittings:

Bevel Seal Unions – to ACME 3A Standard
This style of fitting is used throughout the USA and is the standard dairy fitting meeting 3A standards.  A bevel seat is utilised that eliminates the need for any seal, while a hexagonal nut is incorporated and an ACME thread.


Size range:  1” to 4”


Related Standards


MACON Fittings
Used extensively throughout the wine industry in France and Italy