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DIN 11864 & DIN 11853 Aseptic Unions

DIN 11864-2 & DIN 11853-2 Aseptic Unions

This range of aseptic fittings has been developed by the German hygienic industry to meet the exacting needs of the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. 

Three designs of pipe fittings have been tailored to accept 2 different styles of aseptic seals that effect a smooth interface within the pipe work whilst simultaneously achieving a metal to metal seat behind the joint.

The seal sections used are referenced as “Form A” and “Form B” and both have distinctive profiles that are easily recognised. Form A is an O Ring Joint whilst Form B is a 2-part Square seal with a secondary internal diamond section.


Available with optional lengths to suit Orbital and Manual Welding, these unions have been designed to match tube and pipe specifications in DIN 11850; ISO 2037, ASME BPE 2002 and BS 4825 Part 1 and also ISO 1127 for schedule pipe.


Materials: 316L SS


Related standards:

DIN 11864-1 Form A - Aseptic Screwed Union

DIN 11864-2 Form A - Aseptic Flange Union

DIN 11864-3 Form A - Aseptic Tri-Clamp Union

DIN 11866 / 11850 / 11865

ISO 1127

ISO 2037 / BS 4825 /ASME BPE 2014

DIN 11853 (Type 1 only)