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Custom Fabrication & Welding


Carried out to the highest possible specifications demanded by the Hygienic, Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries.  Fabrication and welding is performed in accordance with ASME 9 and BS EN 287 and 288 procedures.  Orbital and Mechanised Welding are also offered, where high levels of consistency and traceability are required.  It is appropriate also, to point out that not all welds can be produced mechanically.

Surface finish and passivation.

This is an increasingly important area of the custom fabrication and welding service.  The demanding requirements of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry is driving up the standards in the biotech, food, dairy and fine chemical industries.  Ground and polished finishes can be produced from a rough 2.5mM Ra (80Grit) that is satisfactory for general tubular work; to 0.25mM Ra (500Grit) and electro-polishing, which is used by the cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies for WFI applications.  It is possible to produce even finer finishes such as 0.10mM Ra and better that are often required by some pharmaceutical applications and are common place in the semi-conductor Industry. 
Ra is defined in BS 1134.


  • Fabrication:  Welding and fabrication procedures carried out to food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and biotech standards.  Welding to BS EN 287 and 288 and ASME 9.
  • Surface finish:  Surface finishing is carried out to our customers’ requirements and include mirror polishing, electro-polishing and passivation.
  • Materials:  A wide range of materials is available, including 316L and 304L stainless steels, also Nickel Alloys including Monel 400, 904L, SMO254 and Hastelloy®.
  • Certification:  Certificates of conformity are supplied with each invoice to verify the integrity of the products supplied.  We can offer BS EN 10204/DIN 50049 3.1.B material certificates for many of our products, but it is advisable to notify us of this requirement at the time of enquiry, as it is not always possible to supply these retrospectively. 

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Alchem Process Ltd supply engineering solutions to the hygienic and sanitary process industries; including pharmaceutical, biotech, cosmetic, food, dairy, and beverage.

Alchem Process Ltd supply engineering solutions

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