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Clamp Fittings, Adaptors & Hose Tails


The Clamp range of unions has become universally the accepted fitting of choice for much of the pharmaceutical, biotech, cosmetic and food industries.  This simple design and use fitting, generally requires no tools for use, covers a wide range of pipe and tube sizes, finishes, materials and complies with all the relevant US and European standards including ASME BPE-2002, 3A, BS 4825 Part 3, DIN 32676 and  ISO 2852. 


The standard heavy-duty clamp has been the market leading product for over 15 years and is available in sizes from 4mm to 12” encompassing both imperial, metric and schedule pipe sizes.  High pressure clamps are available from 1” to 12” while the light duty clamps are available from ½” to 6” in the single hinge pin design.



  • ASME BPE-2002
  • BS 4825 Part 3
  • DIN 32676
  • 3A Standard
  • ISO 2852 and SMS 3017
  • ISO 2037
  • ISO 1127 Schedule Pipe Size
  • SMS 3008
  • BS 6362 Schedule Pipe Size